Behaviour change, and in particular encouraging the use of more sustainable travel modes, is all about changing the mindset. The Journey Planning Portal (JPP) helps you do this.

The JPP provides information on the various travel modes which are available for each journey in a simple format which allows direct comparison. Putting travel information in front of people gets them thinking about their journey and which is the best mode of travel for them.

The benefits of the JPP vary depending on your particular use case, some of these benefits are:


The JPP also acts as a platform to display and add information for your specific group of travellers, whom you can manage through JPP. Such flexibility means that you can reach your goals for sustainability and travel behaviour change at both a local and global level.



The Atkins JPP is is both desktop and mobile friendly, meaning tailored travel information can be viewed at a desk or on the go.

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  • Journey Planning
  • Multi-device Access
  • Custom Settings
  • Built-in Surveys
  • Actionable Statistics
  • Branding and customisation for your travel planning needs

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